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The masks on this site are all created in the workshop of Majd Murad. Majd is a trained actor and writer whose theatrical endeavors introduced him into the world of Commedia Dell'Arte, a masked form of theatre that originated in Italy in the 1500's. The masks of Commedia Dell'Arte were worn to identify the archetypes, or contemporary cartoon-likenesses of the time. As we have countless other characters in our own time and many more throughout history and across cultures, there is no shortage of inspiration. The artist's goal is to bring fiction to life as a wearable, breathable, elegant work of art.

Each mask is hand made and are either one-of-a-kind or limited edition. The primary medium is leather, although Majd specializes in papier mâché and neoprene as well. Characters range from animals to cartoons to fantasy and video game characters. Anything you can imagine can be created.

This is a one person operation, and as such, the masks are commission-based. Please feel free to contact the artist with any inquiries and commissions. Some replicas of masks in the gallery are available for purchase.

The Commissioning Process
1) Take a look at the Arté Masks Gallery and any other imagery for inspiration
2) Submit a message under the Contact section of the website, including your idea for the mask you desire and a price range you wish to remain in.
3) Majd will email you back shortly with clarifying questions, then create a sketch for your approval (free of charge).
4) Once the sketch is approved and the price agreed upon, half of that amount is paid to the artist as a deposit.
5) Majd will complete the masks, and often will send pictures of the process because he gets really excited about every piece he makes.
6) The mask is delivered and the final half of the payment is submitted.