My name is Majd. No.... not Madge.... MAJD. Pronounced like "measured" without the "ure". Keep the "d". All one syllable. I was born in Baghdad, Iraq. My earliest memories are of the Gulf War. As soon as that was over, my family moved to Jordan for a brief period then made it to Redlands, CA when I was almost 6 years old. I grew up there, had my first love there, my first instrument, my first play... then I went onto UC Riverside with a full scholarship for Neuroscience...

I sat in Chemistry class my first quarter and I had a vision... The professor rose up on a pedestal and his drones about chemistry turned into a Gregorian Chant. Three other teachers came in and rose with him, and they were put in a yellow-red light. Below, in purple, a sparse group of college students struggling to stay awake. On either end of the room, a giant laptop with one person tap-dancing on them to create the clicks of the laptop. I snapped out of it, and changed majors.

Now, I am an actor, a director, a writer, a maskmaker, and I also teach (though not usually theatre, which is what I'd prefer.) I created this website to show off what I can do, and also help promote the projects I'm working on. It's not a fancy website with flash and such, but maybe someday... I mean I do dream big after all.

Browse through! My masks are for sale, and I have a production of Blood Fruit happening November-December. The info is all there. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Most people would have gotten antsy and checked their Facebook in between. Good for you (or not... if you left and came back... then shame on you!)

Here's what's in the tabs:

Blood Fruit: This is all about my one-man show. It's the autobiographical story I tell about how I came out to my Catholic Iraqi family. It was recently voted Best of the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2011! Yay! Find out more there.

Masks by Majd: Here you will find pictures of all of my little creations. I make all kinds of masks from classical Commedia Dell'Arte and the contemporary commedia to art masks and costume pieces. Check those out (they are all for sale!)

That's all for now. Soon I'll put up some resumes and such so y'all know what I'm capable of. I might even put up a video or two!

Thanks for visiting!